Get in Touch

Get in Touch

I love hearing from fans! I read and respond to every single message, tweet, and question. (Except for homework questions, see below.) You’ll get the fastest response on Twitter, but for other methods please be a little patient.

I’m going email-free for a while to see if I can catch up on the backlog. In the meantime, reach out on social media…and I’ll be there. 😉

Note: If you’re working on a school project, find all the information you need on the All About TLC page. I can’t answer specific homework questions.

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For rights inquiries for the Oh. My. Gods., Forgive My Fins, Sweet Venom, Hero Agenda, or Creative HeArts series, contact The Bent Agency.

For rights inquiries for all other works, contact Fearless Alchemy.

For interview, review copy, media and event requests, contact my assistant.