When Magic Sleeps

Darkly Fae

When magic sleeps, everything changes…

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Powerless, the first story of The Hero Agenda series that I’m co-writing with Tracy Deebs, about an ordinary girl in a superhero world whose life flips upside-down when desperate villains break into her mother’s top secret lab and open her eyes to the shadowy world of genetic experimentation and violent torture that has been the real agenda at superhero central for far too long, an agenda she must derail before her mother, her best friends, and the general population–villains and ordinaries alike–become its ultimate victims. (Summer 2015)


  • Shiny New Website and a Bounty (aka Win a Book!)

    After far to many hours and far too many lines of code–seriously, if I never see another snippet of php again it will be too soon–my shiny new website is finally done! But all the hard work and crossed eyes have paid off. I’m kind of in love. This version (oh, let’s say it’s...

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  • When Magic Sleeps Release Day!

    Woohoo, it’s finally here! When Magic Sleeps is my fifth (*passes out*) and final release day of 2014. (For those of you keeping track, that’s Pretty in Pearls, Eye Candy, Straight Stalk, Trying Texas, and now When Magic Sleeps.) Here are the places you can buy it: Amazon Barnes &...

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  • Big News #2: When Magic Sleeps

    In another big news announcement, I’m excited to share details of my very next release. I’m diving into the fae realm to bring you WHEN MAGIC SLEEPS, the first novella of the Darkly Fae YA series that’s set in our world with a twist, where the fae realm exists all around us but just beyond sight....

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